Intelligent Building Solutions

Turn-key Automation Systems for Intelligent Building- and Facility Management

Building Digital Intelligent  Monitoring

Integrated turnkey solutions for energy, load, storage and carbon footprint in commercial buildings and industrial plants
Digital Intelligent System

Environmental, HVAC and Facilities Control


CCTV, Work site warning, electronic fence, access control, facilities operation and maintenance

Energy and Carbon Footprint Monitoring System

Integrated management system for energy consumption and power quality monitoring, energy efficiency analysis, facility operation and carbon footprint tracking
Medium and Large Commercial Buildings

Monitoring of energy consumption of water, electricity and gas; Intelligent analysis of energy efficiency status; Carbon footprint real-time reporting

Industrial Plants

Hierarchical monitoring of energy consumption of equipment and facilities; Statistical analysis of peak, flat and valley electricity; Comprehensive report on energy consumption of water, electricity and gas

Distributed Energy Station

Power monitoring and analysis of distributed photovoltaic power station; Analysis of energy monitoring of distributed energy storage station

Facility intelligent control

State-of-the-art digital intelligent control of building facilities
Environmental Intelligent Control

Light brightness and ON/OFF control; Working environment temperature and humidity, cleanliness,  oxygen content automatic control system; Gas detection and warning system for hazardous situations and confined Spaces

HVAC, Cooling/Heating System Control

Chillers, heat pumps, heat sources, water pumps, electric valves and other controls are integrated, and the energy efficiency is optimized in real time through AI algorithms to achieve the high-energy efficient state of the equipment operation

CDA, Environmental Protection Equipment, Vacuum Station and Auxiliary Facilities

Air compressor remote control, air flow and dew point temperature monitoring; Remote monitoring of waste water and waste gas treatment equipment; Remote monitoring of auxiliary facilities such as vacuum systems

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