About Us

SINNEO - Your Partner in Intelligent Building Solutions and Energy Optimization

SINNEO Smart Technologies is a Sino-Hungarian joint venture established in 2018, with its headquarters located in Suzhou, China, and its R&D center based in Budapest, Hungary.

The company focuses on the research, development, production, and sales of intelligent building solutions, energy conservation and carbon reduction technology, and smart control products. We are committed to provide our Customers with high energy efficiency solutions, contributing to the construction of smart cities, industrial facilities and to achieve sustainable development.

SINNEO Smart Technologies integrates advanced technologies such as IoT, big data analytics, and AI to continually drive innovation in the industry. Our product portfolio includes intelligent building automation systems, energy management systems, industrial production energy efficiency management systems, and more. Through digital management and intelligent control, we assist customers in improving operational efficiency, reducing energy consumption costs, and achieving energy conservation and carbon reduction goals.

With a track record of successfully serving 50 domestic and foreign-funded enterprises, our company has accumulated a good reputation and credibility among clients both domestically and internationally. We prioritize customer-centricity and strive to provide customized and sustainable solutions that create value for our clients. In addition, we collaborate with numerous top international enterprises to jointly promote industry development and innovation, constantly exploring the application prospects of digital technology in building and industrial facilites management. 

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